Land SAR Search Dogs is a volunteer organisation. As such we rely on funding from Land SAR, the NZ Police and other groups.
There are a number of ways you can be a part of this fantastic organisation whose sole purpose is the training and certification of search dogs trained to find the missing, lost and overdue.

We welcome new members; both in support roles as well as those interested in becoming a search dog handler. Either way, to join Land SAR Dogs as a member you will need to download and complete our application form. Please note you will need the endorsement of two current financial members of Land SAR Dogs to be able to submit your application. If you are interested in training a search dog, be aware that prospective volunteer SAR dogs and handlers require specific attributes before they start training.
It not only takes a lot of your personal time and money, but also that of the volunteer trainers and NZLandSAR Dog resources.
All completed applications should be emailed to the secretary and will be put forward to the committee for approval.